Surprise Bridal Shower

I hope you all enjoyed reading my recent post from my Life of a Bride Series – Bridesmaid Saying Yes. It was a pretty basic and straight forward post. If only I could express or show how it felt in those moments, it truly was a memory to cherish when I asked them to be my bridesmaids.

This next post is exactly what the title says, I had a surprise bridal shower, it was one of the best experiences ever. I truly was so surprised and could not believe that my sisters threw me a surprise bridal shower and actually kept it a secret. It’s normally me hosting and planning things for the family, so for my sisters to be carrying this out and surprising me, I loved it.


What’s even better is the theme they did for my bridal shower. I was not expecting it at all. My sister wanted to host the party somewhere else, but ended up hosting it at Ali’s friends house as her mum was making the cake for me.

My sister ordered me an outfit and told me to be ready for 7, I really thought we was just going out for a meal with the girls before I got married, little did I know that it was for Bridal Shower.

I remember going to pick up Ali from her friends house, and they were like “Surprise” lol at my life. They had the Harry Potter theme tune playing as I walked through the door and had such a cute little set up going. It made me a bit emotional, as I saw what they did. I genuinely did not expect any of that at all. :O



The table set up was so cute, Shakeela, did such a cute little back drop, there was photo props to take pictures with and my polaroid, the tablet set up was amazing and just overall beautiful. Everyone was dressed in something Harry Potter, apart from Shakeela, but it’s alright, I’ll allow it 😉


I had an amazing time, and I am forever grateful to my sisters and friends coming together for me, and making a memorable day. It’s the little things in life, and I’ll always remember it, despite my circle being really small, I got a good bunch of friends, who I can always rely on. I would have loved for a few others to be there, but due to some situations it couldn’t happen. Here are some photo’s from my bridal shower 🙂





I hope you enjoyed reading about my little bridal shower, stay tuned for the next one that’ll be up soon 🙂

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