Best of 2019 – Eyeshadow Palettes

Hey wonderers,

As usual, it’s been a while, and we are already near the end of the third month :O

As everyone is in isolation at the moment, with the crazy COVID-19 spreading like wild fire 😦 I thought I’d start using my time wisely and go back to doing what I love, and that’s blogging as it’s just been too damn long, it’s also sort of a tradition to talk about how many eyeshadow palettes I bought in a year, I thought let me post what palettes I bought in 2019.

Although, it is a long list, but compared to 2017 and 2018, its quite a small list in my eyes 😛

1.Becca – Volcano Goddess Eyeshadow Palette, £19

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2.Nip and Fab – Purple Eyeshadow Palette, £5

3.Urban Decay – Naked Reloaded, £34.50

4.Anastasia Beverly Hills – Riviera, £46

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5.Too Faced – Natural Lust, £42.60

final_Original 4

6.Too Faced – Gingerbread Spice, £39


7.Blush Tribe – Pastel Tribe, £23.99

8.Urban Decay – Naked Honey, £42


9.Huda Beauty – New Nude Medium, £27

10.Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson – Mini Controversy, £25


11.Huda Beauty – Neon Orange £8.20 (sale price)

12.Huda Beauty – Rose Gold Remastered, £18.50 (sale price)


13.Makeup Revolution – Palette Reloaded Velvet Rose, £5

14.Makeup Revolution – Palette Reloaded Newtrals 2, £5 (gifted)

15.Morphe – 35G, £25 (gifted)


Top 3

1.Blush Tribe – Pastel Tribe Palette

This is my favourite palette for 2019, as one of the shades was named after me by Salma, who is this owner of Blush Tribe. All those years spent looking for a keyring with my name on it and never finding anything, now I have a shade on an eyeshadow palette named after me 😉


2.Huda Beauty – Nude Medium

This is a perfect palette for medium skin tone girls, it blends so easily and the pigmentation of the shadows is something else. I would defo recommend this, you won’t need to go all out on her full sized palettes that cost £56, this can easily be added in your makeup bag. 😉

3.Urban Decay – Naked Reloaded Palette

I love the neutral tones of this palette, it can be used for everyday use for a soft glam look or you can use it for a dramatic eye look. I defo would recommend this for to makeup lovers and those that are not into makeup as well.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Those were the ones that I had purchased, although my eyeshadow palettes for 2019 was no where near crazy than 2017 and 2018, I still bought a lot of palettes I didn’t need, and I still went crazy on other beauty products like foundations, lipsticks, and skincare.

I’m doing a no buy for 2020, and so far, its been alright, I’ve made one big purchase, and that’s via a gift card I received, so it really doesn’t count, and it was a necessity as I ran out of setting powder 😉 I’ve just been picking up little bits and bobs, such as lip liners from Primark, or setting sprays that I have ran out of, so it is a an essential. 😉 (sort of).

I realised I have way too much makeup, and to get through it all it will take me a life time, but then the makeup will expire :/ and no one wants mouldy makeup, I’ve decluttered a lot of expired makeup too, and hope I’m not that weak and I can resist the urge and the temptations from the devil. But I’ve also lost the passion and obsession for makeup recently, so here’s hoping this year I won’t be going so crazy on buying all these unnecessary palettes, like I have a massive collection of blue and green shadows, I never wear blue or green on my eye, as I just look like a drag queen :/

I always go for the same grungy dark eye look. So I don’t need to buy every single release, especially waste my money on palettes that I would never wear or use. I think I’m finally coming to my senses, or am I? Who knows? We shall see next year when I do 2020 collection of eyeshadow palettes, lol.

Stay tuned, I will definitely be finishing my Life of a Bride Series for sure, its just getting old now, its gonna be nearly two years I’ve been married :/ so for sure, I will be posting those blogs and finishing it up. Stay safe during these tough times, don’t be those people that are hoarding toilet tissue, be sensible, don’t go out unless you really need to and I hope you was washing your hands way before this apocalypse started! 😉

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