Beauty Blog Challenge – Day 3

Beauty Blog Challenge – Day 3

Well that was an epic fail😲

So much for posting everyday, I got told off by my little sister yesterday, so I will try to maintain it again, hopefully. I’m just super busy with my wedding preps and running around like a zombie. Weddings are stressful man.

So, back for another day.

Today’s question:

Favourite brand?

I can’t be biased, and I don’t have one specific favourite brand overall, I have different favourite products by different brands. So let me tell you what my favourite brand is for certain products.

For foundation? I’d say it’s the NARS all day luminious weightless Foundation, I love the glow and the coverage that this foundation gives me.

For Concealer, it’ll also be the NARS creamy Concealer in shade ginger.

Favourite brow product is definitely the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in shade chocolate. I’ve tried and tested so many brow products but it doesn’t give the defined shape that I love so much. Even when my brows haven’t been threaded I can use the Dipbrow Pomade to shape them and it’ll look as fresh as when they are threaded.

Favourite eyeshadow brand would be Morphe & Urban decay. I feel like the pigments are amazing and super easy to blend.

Any morphe eyeshadow palette is so good for the money it’s super affordable, whether you are applying it on yourself or others, it’s easy to work with.

Urban decay eyeshadow palettes have a place in my heart, from the limited edition palettes to the naked collection, I’d say they are the best brands for eyeshadows.

So I’m very diverse I can’t narrow it down to one specific favourite products. That’s too hard for me. Hope you enjoyed giving this one a read.

Stay tuned for the next challenge. I will definitely post everyday. And be sure to follow me on my Instagram: @iMonafWonders 🍁

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