Beauty Blog Challenge – Day 2

Hey guys, hope you liked reading the challenge for day 1. If you haven’t, then be sure to go have a peak.

Challenge number two is:

How did you learn to put on makeup?

As I said on the previous post I never really had anyone teach me, and I wasn’t into makeup as much as I am now. I did use to apply makeup quite horrendously. But I learnt how to apply and blend my makeup properly by watching YouTube tutorials on my phone. Jamie Genevieve to be specific. I would watch other tutorials, but she catched my eyes and I loved her.

Then in November 2015, I undertook a 5 day Hair and Makeup course held by @kajolbeauty and became a qualified makeup artist. From that course I really and truly learnt a lot of techniques on how to apply makeup properly and the ins and outs on how to create a flawless base.

As each day goes by I’m learning more and more on how to create certain eye looks or how to define the brows naturally etc. So everyday is a learning process and you never really stop learning, especially with makeup as the trends keep changing all the time.

This one was short and simple, but stay tuned for tomorrow’s challenge.

If you haven’t already, then click this link to find out what my favourite eyeshadow palettes were for 2017:

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