Outfit Inspiration – Asian Attire

So, the last time I have actually posted anything on my blog was back in April which was just something small describing how I felt in that moment. I took a huge break from social media; I deleted the Instagram app off my phone as I was trying to find out exactly what I wanted to do with myself. I am still trying to figure that out at the moment, but we shall see where my path leads me.
So, I was going through the pictures on my phone and found a few outfit shots I had taken of weddings and Eid, so I thought I’d post it on my page as inspiration as when it comes to wedding I never know what to accessorise it with.


Saree: @diyaonline £64.94

Venue: Parklands Quendon Hall

I was absolutely in love with this saree when I saw it online, I would literally go on the website and check their Instagram page everyday to see if they had restocked it. When I saw it had finally been restocked I quickly added it to my cart and checked out quicker than I can drink my coffee.

But I regret buying it. The saree is extremely plain, with just a pearl border, all the detail is on the blouse, which don’t get me wrong I only love the blouse out of the whole saree. However, the quality of the saree compared to the price was rubbish, I did not get my moneys worth at all. I would say this was a waste of purchase and I was disappointed with it.

The real reason why I disliked it so much?

It was bloody short! The saree, length, was bloody short fgs! My mum altered the blouse for me, I didn’t try on the saree, because who does? Then I went to wear it on the day of the event and it was short!

It was my cousins wedding and her colour theme was Dusky Pink. So when I saw this online and added it to my cart, I thought that’s one thing I don’t need to worry about my outfits sorted.

So, I’m wearing my heels, my mum helps me put my saree on and the saree doesn’t reach the floor at all, I take off my heels and decide to wear flats, and the saree still doesn’t cover my feet, it literally came above my ankles! I’m not the tallest of people, I’m 5ft2.5″. (Emphasise on the two and a half.) I’m not really sure if it was just me who had that problem, or if anyone else did? I mean, if no one had that problem, then was my saree a defect, like me? Or did the others that purchase that saree, were they just shorter than 5ft so they didn’t have any problems what so ever. Who knows, right? outfit8

Saree: @Diyaonline
Clutch Bag: BHS
Necklace: @imaniaccessorize
Ring: @knm_accessories


This saree I wore to one of my nieces mehndi. I’ve been eyeing this saree up for ages it’s one of my mums that was given to her by my dad before I was even born I think. Everyone is back to wearing these khatan style sarees now. It’s so comfortable and amazing to wear. I love the border of this saree with peacocks, just so amazing and elegant. The blouse had been lost so I paired it with one of my black tops I bought from H&M.

As the saree is so plain and simple, I went with a grungy makeup look and bold lips to make myself stand out more. I then paired it with some statement earrings and a black bindi.


Bangles: Veer

Bag: eBay £10

Earrings: Bombay Looks £12


I got this dress for Eid-ul-Fitr from my dad. A lovely brocade sleeveless dress and crop trousers with a georgette overlay jacket. It is an extremely comfortable dress to wear and also has an elegant style. I wore this dress again, for my nieces wedding. I feel that with white you can accessories it with any clutch bag or shoes etc. I paired it with black shoes, gold clutch bag & statement earrings with a simple hand chain and a few bangles on one hand.


Dress: @RDClondon £96

Shoes: Kardashian Kollection £127

Earrings: @sokorajewels

Bag: Veer £15

Handchain: Veer £12

Venue: Ariana gardens


Dress: Fashion Mania £69
Clutch: eBay £10
Hand chain: Veer £12

I wore this dress for my friends wedding. I got this gifted for my 22nd birthday from my mum. The dress is simple with thread work all over the torso which makes the Ivory detail pop. The dupatta is elegant and simple that matches the dress. Ideal for asian weddings and parties. I paired it with my favourite clutch bag. I kept the makeup simple with a brown smokey eye paired with a pink nude lip colour.


Saree: @SeemaSarees £65

Hand chain: Veer £12

Earrings: @Sokorajewels

I got this burnt orange saree a while back and decided to wear it for Eid ul Adha. I love the brocade style blouse, which can be paired with any other sarees too, as it makes a statement on its own. The saree is a soft chiffon material with a gold pearl border and gold print work. It can be worn with any age group and is suitable for weddings and parties both together. With this saree I didn’t accessories at all. It doesn’t need any bangles as the blouse has pearl border on the sleeves too. All I wore were some statement earrings, with one hand chain and kept everything else simple with heavy smokey eye and lashes as the blouse was bold enough anyway.

I hope you enjoyed my Asian outfit posts. I do love a good dress up 😉


I got new things coming for both my blog and my Instagram account so stay tuned. I can’t wait to share my new journey and talk about my experience. 😉

Stay tuned and be sure to follow my Instagram @iMonafWonders 🍁


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