Liquid on the Lips

So, finally a beauty related blog. So what will I be writing about?

Liquid mattes…

I feel they are the greatest invention ever, after highlighters that is. There may be a blog about that soon, maybe. 😉

So why do I love liquid mattes so much? Because they are amazing, some of the ones that I do have are very lightweight on the lips, they last all day without topping up all the time, only after eating greasy foods that is.

I have a few favourite brands, however I still do need to build my liquid matte collection and try out various other brands. But in the mean time let me talk about my favourites right now and recommend which ones you should buy from a high street to high end products.

Kylie Cosmetics – Lipkit by Kylie

kylie cosmetics 3

Kylie Jenner started her own cosmetic brand with her famous Lipkits. This was after the speculation of her having lip injections, which she clearly denied and said it was due to her over lining her lips with products. She started her brand off with Lipkits that came as a set with a lip liner and a liquid matte. The first few shades and products she did launch was a few trial and errors with the lip wand, or the consistency of the actual formula. However after getting it right and actually listening to the customers she has managed to improve the consistency of the product and the formula of the liquid mattes. She has expanded her cosmetic line with a range of lip products such as liquid mattes, lip pencils, and lip glosses and also now has branched out to eye shadow palettes, eyeliners, highlighters and so much more.

I have a range of the Lipkits by Kylie, but not all of them, I do however regret some of the colours due to them not suiting my complexion. But there’s no harm in having the colours in my makeup kit. These are the first shades that I got, as you can see in the picture on the left with the swatcheskyliecosmetics1 on my arm going from left to right then moving down I have Koko K, Esposed, Dolce K, True Brown K, Posie K & Candy K. I have used flash in the picture so you can see what it looks like. Koko K is a pale pink, that does not suit my complexion at all, Exposed is a warm mid-tone beige, however I feel it comes out as a coral shade against my skin tone, Dolce K is a deep beige nude, True Brown K is a deep chocolate brown, Posie K is a cool mid-tone berry, and Candy K is a warm pink nude.

I got all these Lipkits from the original website on Lets talk about what really matters, the price of the products, and let me be honest, buying these lipkits were ok, but it was the customs that I had to pay that started to affect me, I would go to the post office so much, the post man and post lady started to know me on a first name basis. [Very embarrassing.] So each lipkit costs $29 USD, so that works out to be £23.86 GBP then there is the delivery charge internationally it is $14.95 USD, £13.30 GBP. I would buy two lipkits at a time, to make the shipping charge worth it. So altogether that would  come to $72.95 USD, converting to £60.03. However I am changing the currency to this current dates rate, but at the time when I ordered these lipkits it was more expensive as the rate for the currency was more then.

Kylie Cosmetics – Metal MattesKylie Jenner Metal mattes

The picture on the right is the Kylie Cosmetics Metal Mattes she launched last year before coachella, they are very festive shades.The top picture is with flash which shows the metallic shimmer and the bottom is without any flash. Going from left to right, the colours are Reign that is a deep metallic copper, King K a soft metallic gold, and Heir a golden metallic peach.

With the Metal Mattes I got them as a bundle which was cheaper than individually, but Kylie no longer sells them as a bundle, and I cannot remember from the top of my head how much I got the bundle for but they are individually priced on her website for $18 USD, which works out to be £14,81.

So it would take around 10-15 days to actually be delivered to the UK, the first time I purchased a Lipkit it was Koko K on its own and I didn’t have to pay any customs, I got away with it, but when t came to getting the next ones I’d get a red Royal Mail card through the post saying I needed to pay customs, I’m not sure how much it is for one, but I think they charge from the weight of the product or the value of what the product is worth and charge tax on it. When I had two lipkits, it cost me £15.33 to release the product. When I have ordered one it was £12.00 something. It does start to add up and get really expensive with the product, shipping then customs.

Kylie Cosmetics – Love Bite & Leo

As the customs, product and shipping was starting to add up a lot, one of my sister in laws Modest Street on Instagram found a new company that sells US products, and recommended them to me, they are 100% authentic, on Instagram she is known as @Rubywoocosmetics or her website is so what she does is buy them in bulks from the US, gets them shipped over, pays the excess customs, and then resells them for UK residents with the customs and products all calculated. It does start to work out to be the same, maybe even cheaper to be honest and it saves you the hassle of waiting 15 days, and a trip to the post office.

I have bought many products from Rubina, (@rubywoocosmetics) I got the birthday edition lip kit Leo from her and it was £46, however on the site now it is on reduced for on £33, which is a bargain if you ask me. There is swatches with both flash and without, the shade Leo is a deep burgundy, it comes with a lip pencil and it isn’t in the normal black and clear tube, the birthday edition comes in a gold and clear tube, with the gold and black box.

The lipkit in Love Bite is another product that I purchased from @rubywoocosmetics. I Love Bite Swatch OGpurchased it for £40, I saved a whole lot on customs. The love bite shade is a rich plum brown, this is one of my absolute favourite lipkits that Kylie has done. It suits my complexion too, I love the texture of it, and I love the name 😉

On the picture below is the box and lipkit of Love Bite, all the lipkits come with a box, in that box is a lip liner of that shade and a liquid matte in a black and clear tube where you can see the shade through that tube. The boxes do come in handy, but when you’re trying to save space in your kit or vanity it does end up taking a bit of space. The lip liners can be used on any standard makeup sharpener. It glides on to the lip softly and is very pigmented, it is always easier to outline the lips then apply the liquid formula afterwards. I personally think the lipkits are sold at a reasonable price, obviously not for international customers, but if you think about it, each lipkit comes with a lip liner pencil and a tube of liquid matte, in some stores such as MAC, they sell a lip liner for £12.50 each, then a lipstick ranges from £15.50 and up, so I think it’s a good deal.

Love Bite

Kylie Cosmetics – Koko Collection [Limited Edition]koko collection gold

The Koko collection is a collaboration with her big sister Khloe Kardshian.  These are by far my favourite Lip kits from Kylie Cosmetics. From the packaging to the formula it is truly amazing, very Instagram worthy of pictures. I did not buy these from Kylie Cosmetics, I bought them from Rubywoocosmetics. It comes with three liquid mattes, and one lip-gloss. The formula is super lightweight; the collection has a range of four colours, Khlo$ a cool yellow nude, Gorg a red burgnady wine, Okurrr a vibrant furchsia and Damn Gina a soft shimmering peach-nude lip gloss.

The application of the Kylie Cosmetics liquid matte is very easy, just ensure you have exfoliated lips, try using any lip scrub, I then use a lip liner either Kylie cosmetics or any branded lip liner by lining my lips which then makes the application super easier and makes my lips look fuller. The liquid matte takes around 20 seconds to dry and it does tend to last all day. The only time I would need to top up with the liquid matte would be if I’ve eaten any oily foods.

Huda Beauty – Liquid Matte

huda beauty

You  might know the famous beauty blogger who started off her brand with the amazing Huda Beauty Lashes, and now has expanded her brand into a bigger cosmetic line at Sephora and Harrods. It started off with Huda Beauty Lashes, Huda Beauty Lip Contour which are the lip liners, then Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes, followed by the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette. Soon we got the Huda Beauty Highlight palette coming, so there’s something to look forward to. 🙂

Her Lip Contours changed the whole game, they helped emphasis the lips, making it look fuller, and you could also just wear the lip  contour on its own without any other product with it. Soon after she introduced the Liquid Mattes, and everyone went crazy trying to get their hands on it. It was was a very stressful time. Huda launched them at a different time all over the world. So when it was finally released in the UK on the site crashed a few times and it was a case of adding the ones you wanted into your basket and seeing what you managed to buy when it came to checkout and the site was refreshing. I managed to buy four, Trophy Wife a plum toned nude, Bombshell a warm nude, Muse a plum toned liquid matte and Icon a light burgundy tone. Bearing in mind the colours I have described; are the colours that come up on my lips against my skin tone. So they could be a different colour against any complexion. Huda has launched various other shades and I am yet to still grow my collection of Liquid Mattes. The lip contours come in 16 different shades, the same as the Liquid Mattes, the Lip contours are priced at £16 on the Cult Beauty website. The Liquid Mattes also comes in 16 different shades which are priced at £18. Huda is also bringing out different shades of Metallic Liquid Mattes so that should be something to look out for.

Huda Beauty swatch

As you can see on the left; these are the swatches on the Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes. Both with flash and without flash. From Left to Right the colours are Trophy Wife, Bombshell, Icon & Muse.

The consistency of the formula is amazing. I’d say this brand is my number one favourite liquid matte. It is super light weight, and feels like you have nothing on your lips at all. After application it takes around 30 seconds to dry to a matte finish, it does not dry up the lips at all.

However, I do need to exfoliate my lips before I apply this product to my lip and after I’ve taken off my makeup. No top up is necessary unless of course I eat anything heavy such as a burger or greasy foods. Also the colours do oxidise a lot and by the end of the day the colour is quite dark. The packaging of Huda Beauty’s products is amazing, like her lashes, using her eyes, she used her lips for the liquid matte packaging. So it is very nice to have that in your collection when you’re trying to take a good IG shot 😉

Gerard Cosmetics

Gerard Cosmetics is an extremely affordable brand. I first discovered this brand on Instagram before I was even into makeup. I ordered the Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks and loved the colours. However, I ordered from the US, luckily no customs was added, but later on I discovered BeautyBay, sells Gerard Cosmetics brand in the UK, so I ordered myself their Hydra Matte liquid lipstick in the colour Immortal and Ecstasy. They have a range of products from brows, setting sprays, highlighters and so many moreGerard cosmetics things. I then ordered two other hydra mattes in the shades Iced Mocha and Cher.

From top to bottom the colours are Iced Mocha, Cher, Ecstasy & Immortal. Immortal is a blood rouge, Ecstasy is a taupe toned purple, Iced mocha a muted dusted chocolate and Cher is a shade that’s more of a dark pink nude. The pigmentation of these colours are amazing, the formula isn’t as lightweight as the others. It does have a bit of a heavy consistency and feels quite thick on the lips. But it is an all day lasting product and no top up is necessary at all. They cost £11.50 on the BeautyBay website.

NYX Cosmetics


NYX Cosmetics is an amazing drug store brand, super affordable, and you basically get what you’re paying for. These liquid lipsticks do not last all day, but they are really good for their quality and you only need to reapply here and there. The formula is not heavy weight or light weight. The NYX Lingerie, NYX Liquid Suede & NYX Lip Cream just has a creamy consistency. I got a lot of pink nudes. There’s loads of websites in the UK that sell the brand NYX, but recently Boots have an NYX Counter. It’s a nightmare as it is always such a mess and there’s hardly anything ever at the counter. But the Boots website is as good as any. The NYX Lingerie is £6.50 online, but in stores it is £7.00. So I don’t know what is going on there, so save yourself 50p and buy it online 😉

The NYX Liquid Suede is also the same price of £6.50 online, and the NYX soft matte cream is £5.50. I think NYX is the best drugstore brand, so affordable, especially for upcoming makeup artists, or even those that are looking into buying makeup for themselves. I forgot to take swatches of these but the NYX Lingerie colours that I do have are Baby Doll, Bedtime Flirt, Ruffle Trim and Beauty Mark. NYX Liquid Suede colour is Soft Spoken a pink nude. NYX Soft Matte Cream in the shades Milan & Cannes.

Anastasia Beverly Hills 


Everyone knows ABH products are bomb af! Sorry for the slang, but their eyebrow products are my holy grail! Their eye-shadow palettes are amazing and it’s exciting to see what new palettes and who they will collaborate with next. The Glow Kits? They slay the whole glowing game!! Their highlights are always F****** popping.

But cause the liquid lipsticks are only a US exclusive, it’s not easy for me to get my hands on them. The customs from Anastasia Beverly Hills products are too high, all the other products are available worldwide so there’s various sites such as CultBeauty or BeautyBay that I can buy them from. But the liquid lipstick are very hard to get. But when I ordered my exclusive Moonchild Glow kit last year from the ABH US site; I thought I’d treat myself to one of the liquid lipsticks. That shade is Dusty Rose. Dusty Rose is a nude mauve which is a brown and pink mixed tone. On the ABH US website the liquid mattes are $20 USD. But there’s good news, they have launched a ABH UK website, and they sell a lotDusty Rose of the products, and soon they will launch the exclusive liquid lipsticks for £20 with free shipping over £25. So I am extremely excited for that. There’s such a hype for the ABH liquid lipsticks, and just by having that one I understand why.

As you can see on the right the swatch of Dusty Rose. It is super pigmented, it isn’t as lightweight as Huda Beauty’s liquid mattes but it is up there with the quality of the liquid lipsticks. You need to ensure you exfoliate before you apply the products and it is an all day lasting product which is good. Once applied after lining the lips it takes around 20-30 seconds to dry into a matte finish, it doesn’t dry up your whole lips so that’s a bonus.

For high end liquid mattes, I’d recommend Huda Beauty’s Liquid Mattes, it is super light weight and good for the quality. Looking for an affordable brand? Then go for the NYX products. Super affordable, the quality of the lip products are good for the price too. I hope to increase my collection in liquid mattes, my next purchase should be a Kat Von D, but I like to see reviews and see what product I’ll be getting.

Hopefully this will help some of yous to make a decision on what products to buy, but bearing in mind not everyone is the same, some may like these products like me and some may not, it is all personal preferences. I hope you enjoyed my beauty related post, it is a long blog, so if you read through it all, thank you 😉

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