Safe Haven…

Safe Haven
  1. a place of refuge or security.
    • temporary refuge given to a persecuted person or group.
      “refugees poured in and found safe haven”
 I know I said my next blog would be makeup/beauty related, and it will be I promise. But lately my anxiety has been really bad, and I just wanted to take a few minutes talking about it and explain what helps me cope with my anxiety.
Someone may be out there that suffers like me, and has no idea how to cope or what can possibly help, so by posting a few methods on how it helps me, may help someone else.
So, first things first, What is Anxiety?
Every human being feels anxious and nervous, it is a normal human emotion. However, those that suffer from anxiety, it ends up having an impact on everyday life. It is the same emotion of feeling anxious and nervous, but it also causes such distress that it interferes with basic day to day life. I end up worrying over the smallest things, and go through every worse case scenario that could possibly happen in that current situation. My head ends up filling with so much doubt and unease that I live in constant fear of what can happen.
I have social anxiety, so when it comes to going out, or interacting either on the telephone or face to face with strangers I have sleepless nights, however, it is not just with strangers, I get social anxiety even with people that I know and am close to. I get very overwhelmed and self conscious about myself and the possible outcomes that may occur. Such as, what if I have an accident? Or what if something happens to a family member and I’m at work, or I’m out? Or while I am out, I feel as if I am being judged by others, or that I may do something stupid and I’ll have to live with that embarrassment for the rest of my life.
At times it’s not even those things, when I leave to go anywhere, I’m like did I lock the car? Did I switch off the heating at home? Will I be late? Will I be too early? No, I didn’t lock the door, so I go back and check my car and the door is locked. Yes, everyone has those moments, but mine is quite severe that I will worry myself sick to the point where  at times it causes a panic attack.
I start to get all hot, but cold at the same time, my palms start to sweat a lot, my breathing increases, and so does my heart rate. I start to feel dizzy, and I’m not able to focus, and get hysterical. I start to pace or fidget, and at that current time I feel the wall closing in, or if I’m outside I feel the ground move and I’m not able to get a grip on myself. It is a very traumatising experience and very hard to stay focused. After I have an anxiety attack, it makes me feel very drained and weak.
 So the name of today’s post is Safe Haven, the reason for that is because when I’m suffering from my anxiety, or I feel an attack coming, and I am at home, I will seek refuge in my room. So for me, my safe haven is the four walls surrounding me in my room. I will sit on my bed and try to focus on the objects surrounding me, mainly my clock on my bedside cabinet, or various other things. I try to take deep breaths and stay focused on those objects. Or I will listen to the Qura’an recitation on my phone.
There are many things for me to stay focused and help calm my nerves, such as breathing exercises, Yoga, Meditation, the Adult Colouring book, a writing journal, which helps a lot, I make sure to write about what is causing my distress at that current time. Most importantly my five daily prayers, this helps me find my peace and gets rid of any negativity that my body and soul may be holding on to.
[My Safe Haven]
A lot of people think that anxiety is due to holding onto a lot of negativity. However that is not the case, I cannot help but to think of every single way a situation can go wrong, the fear in my body takes over when I feel nervous or anxious about a situation, and there is nothing I can do but try to take control over the situation myself.
A lot of people literally will not do anything to help themselves when it comes to dealing with anxiety, I am not that type of person, it is extremely hard for me to approach someone and talk to them about how I feel and what is going on, because it feels like I am burdening them. So, instead I go to my safe haven, or I find other methods to let go of my anxiety. But I’m not going to lie, some days it is a losing battle and I suffer from the attack.
But I am telling you, keep trying to fight it, find ways to help yourself and divert your mind. My room is my personal space, it is my safe haven, and I am surrounded by all the things that make me feel comfortable and at ease.
Stay tuned for makeup & beauty related posts coming soon, I promise 😉
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