Out with the Old & In with the New

Happy New Year everyone…I know it’s dreadful that the last time I posted was last month..now we are halfway through this month 😐

I’m not even sure if I have a valid reason for not posting to be honest. I really hope to up my game and post more content especially outfit and beauty related content.

So what have I been doing? Nothing really, it’s been too cold, I feel the cold way too much, I’ve been constantly tired, I’ve been working, sleeping, feeling cold, and doing nothing exciting.

2016 was a very unusual year to say the least. I had many ups but many downs too, the first half of the year was consumed with preparing for my cousins wedding. It was an exciting time as two families merged as one. Many functions, such as her engagement, Islamic marriage, Mehndi (henna) party and then finally the wedding.

However, during that process my mothers health turned for the worse, to the point we nearly lost her. It was totally unexpected, she had her carpel tunnel operation on the right hand, which then led to sepsis in her body. Sepsis is a life threatening illness which affects the organs, is started from the operation wound on her hand getting infected, the hospital didn’t prescribe any antibiotics and within 24 hours, the infection was spread into the blood stream and started attacking her organs. My mum had a high temperature, she was confused, was unconscious, and didn’t recognise her children or husband. The doctor came just in time when her pulse was really weak and she was rushed into hospital. She ended up with pneumonia on both of the lungs and both kidneys had failed. This was all during Ramadan, the holy month of the Islamic calendar where muslims all over the world fast for 30 days from sunrise to sunset.

Mum spent three weeks in ICU & the medical high dependency unit, where she was treated with a course of antibiotics and the kidney dialysis. It was an extremely hard situation for my family and me, we was so distraught. Especially losing my brother to respiratory system failure we was very cautious and terrified that history may be repeating itself. But by the grace of Allah (god) my mother pulled through, she is still yet to recover fully, she still comes down with horrible chest infections and kidney infections every other week.

It’s been a very rollercoaster ride last year. And hopefully, here’s me hoping 2017 will be much better. I have so many ideas on what to post next, but the problem actually is sitting down and physically doing what I want. My anxiety hasn’t been the best, I back out of a lot of my ideas that I want to do cause I just feel anxious and get full of doubts, I’m still growing my social media platform for my makeup career. I got myself a part time job just for something to do and put my spare time to use. It’s also helping me with anxiety to be around people much more.

A lot of people meet me and think I come across as a confident person, but that’s not me at all. I’m hoping to learn to live with my anxiety, to grow my makeup career and grow as a person.

I want to thank everyone, friends, family and even strangers that I come across when I’m out and simply smile at me, thank you all for acknowledging.

Be sure to follow me on my Instagram: @imonafwonders 🍁

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