No Hate

The next topic is about what I hate..but the thing is I don’t like to use the term hate, it’s such a strong negative word, I have enough negativity in my life, I don’t need to waste my energy on hating something to bring me down. I use the term dislike, it’s not as harsh, and for me to hate something is pretty rare and means that it really got to me for me to hate something. For example, in my previous post ‘You Think You Know Me’ fact number 15 uses the word hate, that’s because firstly I’m allergic to fish and tuna is the worse kind to be honest.
I dislike various things, I am human after all. But what I dislike the most is the hate created in this world. There is no peace, no love, no respect. Forget the barriers of religion, that most people claim is the reason for hate. But as a human, it is our duty to love one another, to have a peaceful relationship with one another and most importantly to respect one another. You hear of all this murder, hate crime, innocent killings of men, women, children in so many countries, the hate crimes because people believe in a different religion, or have a different skin colour or even when they have a different sexual preference. Or even random murders, when a victim is just at the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s not nice reading or seeing all this hate. There’s so much hate in the world people are forgetting to love. And that’s the most thing I dislike.

What I dislike is when people belittle someone and make them feel they are below them. It’s not good to put people down, making them feel worthless because you think you are better than everybody else. You may have more money, or a better job or be better looking. But if you have that mentality then you have an ugly personality.

My religion is always misinterpreted in this world, my religion teaches peace and love, it never promotes hate or negativity. But the media has mixed that up, if you properly look up Islam, if you properly understand Islam then my religion is all about peace, love, kindness, respect despite what religion you are. That makes me proud to be a Muslim.

I dislike the judgemental society, I dislike how society claims you to be comfortable in your own skin, with what you wear, who you are, and what you like. But then on the other hand society judges you for what you wear, they judge you for who you are, and judge you for what you like. That is what I really struggle to wrap my head around, that’s why it’s important to love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin, that way, what society thinks of you, will not bother you.

I’m not a hateful person, I’m a person still learning to be comfortable and embrace my own flaws in this tough world. I’m still trying to find myself, adjust myself and be who I am.

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