You think you know me

Some facts about me, so you can know me.
1. I am a DC Comics, and Marvel Fan. More DC than Marvel. But love them both 🙈
2. It took me approximately 7 minutes to figure out what to write and I came up with fact number 1. I hope number two classes as a fact.
3. When I’m nervous, I talk with my hands, a lot, and I have major anxiety issues. (Is that two facts or one)
4. I have 1 sister and 3 brothers, I am the youngest
5. I lost my big brother, who was a massive part of my life, when I was 19, he passed from respiratory system failure.
6. I love makeup, I have a major makeup addiction, I think I need therapy, but that costs money, so I’d rather spend that money on makeup.
7. I was a Psychology student at Anglia Ruskin University but I dropped out when my brother passed away.
8. This is hard man. I embrace the fact that I love to eat junk food. Cause you need to embrace that sh*t and not be a health freak. Unless of course you’re gonna die from diabetes. Or any other illness, then sure, be healthy.
9. I’m 5ft 2 and a HALF inches. Emphasising on the half, cause it matters a lot. Im below 3″ but above 2″. And the third tallest in my family..
10. I drive a BMW 1 series (I’m not bragging, I can’t think of anything else)
11. My favouritfinale animal is panda, cause they be so chill with no worries
12. I love listening to Tupac, Damien Marley, The Weeknd, Desiigner, Justin Bieber, Raxstar, & Drake
13. I’m literally in love with Dwayne Michael Carter Jr also knows as Lil Wayne. Seriously just love him. He’s my favourite person, since I was a teen
14. I have a massive phobia of spiders.. oh and feet. I just find feet so gross..
15. I HATE TUNA. Anything to do with tuna makes me feel disgusting
16. I had two eating disorders throughout my lifetime. Hence why I embrace food now
17. Oooo I like purple and black
18. I really cannot see without my glasses. My prescription is only -1.75 but I legit feel like I can’t see anything without them
19. Favourite fruits are strawberries 🍓 & Kiwi
20. My middle name is Sonia
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