Who am I?

So let me introduce myself. I’m still trying to figure out myself. But so far I’ve got I’m Imrana, 23, a qualified makeup artist. I love reading basically different types of books, crime, poetry, super natural, science fiction, all things psychological. Whatever is out there, I’ll read it, but if it’s those soppy romances, then I won’t. I did my fair share of that when I was a teen obsessed with the twilight Saga. 😑
I don’t do exercise. ‘Cause I do love a good vanilla cheesecake 😍
Also, I’m aspiring to inspire. No idea what I’m inspiring, still figuring that out too 😂
But I want people to know, there’s things out there you experience, things you suffer, you feel, you go through, happy or sad, but you’re not alone, there are other people that go through the same thing too.

IG: @imonafwonders

I hope to blog about everything and anything such as outfit inspiration, makeup, reviews or tips, lifestyle choices/habits. I hope that I can bond with my readers, and build a connection through this blog, talk about topics that are close to me as I’ve experienced a roller coaster journey throughout my 23 years of existence and still got more memories, more learning, and more suffering to add. That is what makes me grow into the person I am.

I guess that’s who I am, someone that’s still learning and wondering in this big world 🌎

Follow me on Instagram: @imonafwonders 🍁


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