Everyone is afraid of something

‘It’s okay to be scared, but don’t let that fear overpower your mind and control you.’


There’s many things I’m afraid of, I’m human after all. I’m not afraid of dying, because everyone has to die, but what I am afraid of; is what fate I will find after I die. Have I done enough in this world to be granted paradise? Who knows? I’m a practising Muslim with many flaws, trying to better myself in this temporary world. The real living is when we die. That is something that I’m afraid of.
Another is, how will I cope after my parents die. I lost a huge part of myself


when my brother passed away, but the idea or the thought of living in a world without either or both of my parents scares me. It’s understandable that no one lives forever but everyone dies. But to be in the big scary world without the two people that bought you into it is pretty damn daunting.
I’m also afraid of spiders, it’s not normal to have those creepy eight legs and that hairy fat body..
I’m afraid of clowns..not cause there’s this particular trend going where clowns are killing people..I’ve always been afraid of clowns. They’re the most craziest things to be created ever. Ronald McDonald haunts me in my sleep, for real..
I’m afraid of water, like the sea/oceon or swimming pool. I just get a panic attack, and feel like I’m going to drown, when I’m near by, hence why I don’t know how to swim..

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