What About iMonafWonders?



iMonafWonders is the name I chose, after I didn’t want my old name (MonafsBeauty) to just be associated with beauty. So I changed my name, and got help from my friend and sisters, and came up with iMonafWonders. The I came from my first name, Imrana, Monaf being my surname, and Wonders, because I’m wondering about everything in this world and still figuring things out.

Writing is my passion, whether it be in my journal, on instagram, on notes or even trying to put it together for my blog.

I love writing, and I love makeup, so I thought I’d put two and two together and merge it into one, and that’s how I formed my blog. But now my page isn’t just about makeup or beauty, I want my blog to be like a journal of some sorts, something that I can use to give beauty and makeup advice, show you a little glimpse of my life with my lifestyle choices, outfit inspirations, and also take you through my journey of being Bridezilla.

I want others to be excited to come to my page, to know what its like being me by reading my words. I want to welcome every audience not just one particular category, hopefully theres something for everyone to read on my page.

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